Adjustable Furniture Legs

MANA’s Adjustable Furniture Legs are designed to be original in style and practical in application. They are engineered for durability and easy installation. Due to the elegant chrome finish, the Diamond series has found application in a variety of furniture making industries as well as cabinetry.


Adjustability of height make these legs an ideal choice for cabinets and vanities that are positioned on crooked floors. Also, our furniture legs’ non-corrosive nature allows them to be used on floors that are constantly in contact with water or moisture such as your bathroom floor.

In this product category you will find adjustable furniture legs that are:

•   Available in four sizes: 3 3/16″, 3 15/16″, 4 11/16″, 5 9/16″ [that is: 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm]
•   Available in three colors: Transparent, Red, Black
•   Specifically designed to withstand excessive load
•   Adjustable in length for 1/4″ without compromising the strength
•   Wide in base featuring three screws to ensure resistance to lateral forces
•   Steel in core
•   Anti-slip to grip the floor