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Zinc alloys are among the best metals used in fabrication of cabinet & drawer handles; but why?

Zinc casting alloys have found applications in manufacturing of a variety of products on top of which lie furniture accessories. Properties such as strength, toughness, rigidity and economical castability are among the top features that render zinc such a versatile material. Let’s elaborate on characteristics that make zinc stand out among other choices of material:

Precision tolerance: Zinc can be cast to tighter tolerances compared to other materials such as plastic. That property allows for implementation of finer details in part design. Therefore, zinc casting alloys can produce a product that features great details. That also translates into reduced finished cost because implementation of more details during the casting process eliminates the need for long hours of the machining process afterwards.

Strength & Toughness: There are few materials that offer the same strength as zinc alloys as such, zinc alloys can be readily utilized in products that need to be threaded. This is particularly important in the case of handles because pulls and knobs are always screwed on a cabinet door or drawer.

Easy finishing: Zinc castings are easily polished. They accept plating conveniently. Pieces made of zinc alloy such as, cabinet and drawer pulls & knobs are effectively chromated or anodized for decorativeness.

Fluidity: High fluidity of zinc during casting, allows for implementation of greater details in design that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Zinc in this regard has a big advantage over other material that offer the same strength and thoughness.

Machinability: Zinc alloy casts are trouble-free and fast to machine. This characteristic minimizes tool wear and machining or labor costs.

Long Tool Life: Zinc has a relatively low melting point. Low casting temperature cycles allows for less thermal shock and, therefore, increased life cycle for die casting tools. For example, dies used in zinc alloy die casting can be used 10 times or more longer compared to those used in aluminum die casting, if maintained properly.